SOLD WTS DST, Exhumer Orca BOOSTER, Freighter 17

Hi, i am sellingthis character because i get today other and no need more.

Less t5han One day to finish Advanced Spaceship V

  • Exhumers IV
  • Minmatar Cruiser V
  • Orca booster
  • Svipul
  • DST / Blockade runner
  • Cybernetics V
  • Full +5 implants

Many boks injected

I pay with credit card, positive wallet, no killing rights.

I am NOT reading the eve mail. If intersted answer the thread.

Buyout 13.5b Because i can wait a little nd say as a Rorqual pilot, and extraction value is 11b + implants + book + utility 13.5b is decent.

I ineter in a moment to validate .

I am in high sec, all ccp rules apply.

Yes i am for sale.

10 bill ready, if u accepted i can send it now

Today Bump

How long will rorqual be better

13b B/O.

ISK Ready now.

Sold, send me the isk and account name to trhe character and i transfer .

Answer the thread please when do so.

@qingchun_leiwei I not see before your message. Because the rorqual bonus and the remaps available, i think the safest is making hm a jump freighter of the type you want (trainingt freighter to IV first, hold a bit or train capitak ship), diverge a little for be cyno (he have minmatar cruiser V) and in two months aprox can be a decent multitool character.

Two month for add him rorqual, JF, Cyno and retain all the things he can do, is a good deal.

Already trained Advanced Spaceshiv Command V, training stopped and waiting offers.

ISK and Account info sent

Ok i neter in a minute.

Transfer done, please confirm when you receive the ccp mail or the character.

Thanks !

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