WTS: 75m Rorq / Orca pilot / Precursor Pilot

Half a day towards flying a Rorqual. Got lots of SP’s in trading/command/and Precursor ships and guns.

Cybernetics 4 and one is 5

Orca/Rorq implants like command boost.


55 Bil

@Paris are you still interested? If yes ill accept your offer. Smexy is not responding.

Ok paris. So Smexy is not replying and you wirthdraw. Fresh start then :smiley:

I try and see a few more days if people wanne buy it.

50B offer

Accepted. You can send the money to Evil Resurrection. Ill transfer the character over to you.

Isk sent. Eve mail sent with account to transfer to.

SOLD ( Can be closed )

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@River_Miles Transfer complete. In 10 hours you should have you toon.

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