Quit playing eve for a long time, this was my indy alt. At the time was a capable rorqual/orca pilot, but is now missing certain skills that were added after i stopped playing. Can fly rorq/orca with 1 days worth of training in “ORE industrial” skill. Longer time to use rorqal invuln core.

Solid boost skills, reprocessing, mining drones etc.

positive wallet, no kill rights, no jump clones, located in jita. i pay transfer.

Looking for around 20B based on SP, but offers are welcome.

are you doing the 1m sp event?

char is on an alpha clone, not eligible for the 1m free unfortunately.

19b offer i guess

id like to leave the thread up for a bit more but if ill go for this tomorrow if nothing else comes in.

22b :grinning:

23b offer i guess

24b ready

24.5 bil :rofl:

I’ll be back home around 2300 eve tonight, at that time im going to accept the highest offer, thanks all.

25b offer i guess

25.5 bil



So, it looks like a bunch of people on this thread arnt actually real, i didnt realize people just spam this forum with 0 intention of buying anything. if your offer of 24B is legit ill take it, send isk+ account details to the char and ill transfer ASAP. contacting you first because your profile does not look fake.

Sold- char is being transferred to new owner.

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