Selling myself got 38mil ish sp and is a rorqual pilot who can build capital parts


Invulnerabillity core 5
Capital industrial 5
Industrial Reconfiguration 5
Mining drone spec 5
Ice mining drone spec 5
Leadership 5
Mining foreman 5
Mining director 5

Good drone and shield skills

The char is in jita and in noobie corp, eveboard just didn’t update yet

0.2 security status
postitiv wallet
no killrights

Make me an offer I can’t refuse


I can get more if I extract the sp, then 20 bil, so no need to lowblow it

27b offer


28 bil

29 bil





Well since no reply from Cwisss after I accepted his offer, this auction is open again, so keep the bids coming

I will match the 37b buyout from the other dude, please reserve it and ping me when you are online so we can coordinate :slight_smile:

I accept the 37bil buyout, just sent a mail with account info and the isk and I will get the transfer going.

ISK and account name sent

isk recived and char is being transfered

Email received for character transfer.

Thanks for the smooth deal o7

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