[WTS] [Sold]

Hello, selling the following: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Shibay_Enderas

-T2 indy Core
-Cap indus 5 in 2weeks.
-Drone nav 5 & interfacing 5
-Panic & Capital shield booster -able.

Character is in NPC corp, has positive wallet and security status, sitting in high sec, and I will pay transfer fee.

Starting bid:17b
B/o: 23b

Post or mail for discussion as im not often ingame on that character.

I could inject 13m sp for the price you are asking
5m sp - 10injectors
8m additional - 20 injectors
Overall 24b

You forgot there is almost 2b+ in skills to fly a rorqual…

14b right now

you’re missing a few skills like panic and mining drone spec
but i’ll do 15b

? This character can do panic.
But he indeed don’t have mining drone spec.

oh sorry didn’t notice, but still sticking with 15b for now, as that is already quite expensive for 14m sp

Bump, Added mining drone specialisation.

send you a mail ingame

17 bil offer



19b bo


20b isk ready


21b offer


21.5b offer accepted

isk and account information send