WTS 36.9m SP Rorqual pilot

36.9m SP
Character is in an NPC corp.
Positive Wallet
Remap Ready
Positive Sec
Docked in Jita

T2 Industrial Core
Mining Drone Operation V
Mining Drone Specialization IV
Capital Industrial Ships V
Interceptors trained
T2 Light/Medium/Heavy/Repair Drones
Drone Supports V


Starting bid: 37b

Confirming I am for sale!

37B offer

Thanks for the bid. Send buyout offer if serious.

40b isk rdy


41 b/o confirmed ingame agreement isk sent

41b b/o confirmed. ISK received. Starting transfer process. Will be ticketing for PLEX transfer.

ha ha i guess that’s one way to run your sale.

Transfer initiated by GM.

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