WTS Rorqual Pilot(SOLD)

Selling myself. 14.8m SP Rorqual Pilot.

Mining Drone Spec 4
Capital Industrials 4
Drone Interfacing 5
Drone Nav 5
Industrial Reconfig 5
Mining Director 4
Invuln Core 4

Positive Wallet. Located in HS. In NPC Corp. Remap Ready +2.

Min Bid 15b.
18b b/o.

Will only be able to transfer at certain times, due to work schedule :confused:

18bil buyout

accepted, contacting you now!

edit: isk recieved, transferring now

isk sent, awaiting transfer

please confirm you have received character transfer?

have not received character yet. It should take a little bit

Charcter Received. Thanks

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