SOLD [auction]

I want to sell my rorqual pilot. She’s fully focused on that role.
35kk sp 1234 pass
Main pros:

  • ice harvesting and mining drone specialization V
  • jump drive calibration V
  • cybernetics V
  • capital industrial ships V
  • indy core II
  • advanced mass reactions V
  • accounting V

2 x +5 pods (one with additional bumblebee implant), both in jita system.

No killrights
Security status 5.01
Positive wallet
NPC corp
I will pay transfer cost.

Starting bid: 28b
Buyout: 35
Auction will end on 6 august .2019 23:59.

daily bump, price lowered

Why U post your pilots in my sell topic? :slight_smile:

I thought I was on the bazaar XD, I’ll remove it now as I have posted to the bazaar


35b isk buyout, money ready

Thats nice. Send me account name in PM in game. I will start transfer in few hours, of course after isks on my account.

isk and account info sent, please confirm transfer

I will in few hours as i stated in earlier post due to RL.

Transfer started.

character received, thank you for the trade

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