WTS 37M SP Rorq Pilot


This is a primarily Rorqual pilot that also doubles as VNI pilot and a T2 Torp Nemesis pilot.

General Stats:

  • Positive Wallet
  • No Kill rights
  • Pilot located in high sec
  • No Jump Clones
  • yearly Remap 1
  • Bonus Remaps 2
  • Security Status 2.64
  • Skill Points 37,752,822

Skill Highlights:

  • Capital Industrial Ships lv5
  • Mining Drone Specialization lv5
  • Drone Interfacing lv5
  • Drone Navigation lv5
  • Drone Sharpshooting lv5
  • Drone Avionics lv5
  • Light / Medium / Heavy Drone lv5
  • Gallente Frigate lv5
  • Cybernetics lv5


Starting bid 35B.
Buyout at 50B.

37 bil

Thank you for your current bid

Daily bump.

If anyone has any advice on why I’m not being flooded with offers(joking), I’m all ears

38b b/o

daily bump

39 bil offer

1d bump

Thank you. I will accept your offer of 39b.

Please confirm you are still interested and if so, send isk and account name for transfer. I am available to initiate transfer now and throughout the day and tonight ( it is now morning for me).

Thank you

Hello! I will be ready to do it in about 14 hours from now on, that’s when I will be home. Hope you will wait, I am terribly sorry for the wait.

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Thank you, I can wait, no worries!

40 bil if still sell

Hello, Thank you. Currently I am awaiting Intanki Gibbon for transfer.

Hello! Terribly sorry for the delay, acc info/money sent.

Thank you, money received, transfer has been initiated.

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