WTS Great Super/Fax/Rorqual Pilot

(Athyna Toralen) #1

I’m for sale with my 54m sp

Very good skills :

  • Amarr Carrier at 5, Capital Ship at 5, Capital Industrial Ship at 4

  • Industrial core t2, Triage Module T2

  • Drone : At 5 : Fighter, Drone Durability, Navigation, Avionics, Interfacing, Sharpshooting, Mining Drone Operation

  • Armor/Shield: At 5 : Shield Operation, Tactical Shield Manipulation, Shield Emission Systems, Remote Armor Repair, Repair Systems All Compensation at 4.

  • Enfineering : At 5 : Capacitor Emission Systems, Capacitor Systems Operation, Electronics Upgrades, Capacitor Management

  • Navigation : At 5 : Jump drive Calibration, Jump Drive Operation, Warp drive Operation, Evasive Maneuvering, Navigation

And others options : Interceptor, Cybernetic at 5

Eveskillboard password : rs7

Sell with :
+5 implants set
Some Skin
positive wallet, no kill rights, currently in Jita 4-4

Start bid: 50b
B/O: 60b

(The Connoisseur) #2

bid 50b

(Dobi Mecata) #3

51 bil

(The Connoisseur) #4


(Red Endsville) #5


(The Connoisseur) #6


(Athyna Toralen) #7

I will close the auction tomorrow at 19h eve time, or when i have my B/O, that the best offer wins. GL

(Athyna Toralen) #8

Final bump

(Athyna Toralen) #9

You win :grinning: ! send isk and I initialize the transfer

(The Connoisseur) #10

ISK and transfer instructions sent

(Athyna Toralen) #11

Transfer Initiated

"Character Transfer Initiated

Dear xxxxxx,

You have chosen to transfer the character xxxx to the account named xxx."

Thx you and fly safe

(system) #12

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