WTS Great Super/Fax/Rorqual Pilot

I’m for sale with my 54m sp

Very good skills :

  • Amarr Carrier at 5, Capital Ship at 5, Capital Industrial Ship at 4

  • Industrial core t2, Triage Module T2

  • Drone : At 5 : Fighter, Drone Durability, Navigation, Avionics, Interfacing, Sharpshooting, Mining Drone Operation

  • Armor/Shield: At 5 : Shield Operation, Tactical Shield Manipulation, Shield Emission Systems, Remote Armor Repair, Repair Systems All Compensation at 4.

  • Enfineering : At 5 : Capacitor Emission Systems, Capacitor Systems Operation, Electronics Upgrades, Capacitor Management

  • Navigation : At 5 : Jump drive Calibration, Jump Drive Operation, Warp drive Operation, Evasive Maneuvering, Navigation

And others options : Interceptor, Cybernetic at 5

Eveskillboard password : rs7

Sell with :
+5 implants set
Some Skin
positive wallet, no kill rights, currently in Jita 4-4

Start bid: 50b
B/O: 60b

bid 50b

51 bil




I will close the auction tomorrow at 19h eve time, or when i have my B/O, that the best offer wins. GL

Final bump

You win :grinning: ! send isk and I initialize the transfer

ISK and transfer instructions sent

Transfer Initiated

"Character Transfer Initiated

Dear xxxxxx,

You have chosen to transfer the character xxxx to the account named xxx."

Thx you and fly safe

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