[SOLD] WTS Rorqual Pilot - 37M SP


Selling my pilot I do not plan to use anymore.

2 remaps available

Jump Skills - 5s
Fleet Support Skills - 5s
Drone Skills (vital) - 5s
And other good stuff. Will do the job for sure.

BO Price is 30B (or offer, I can consider anything really) :slight_smile:

link to my other sell (42M Rorqual) - 35B (or offer)

I can offer 20b

@WTB_All_Characters noted, can handle extractions by myself if needed. Maybe someone needs a ready pilot lie that :wink:

Alll the best

I could offer 22.48
that’s 2b above extraction.

@WTB_All_Characters appreciate the offer, I still do think this pilot is worth more.

25B BO.These two pilots I will buy one of them

@cc_select I am looking for more like 27-28B for this one. Keep on pushing, you are nearly there :slight_smile:

I’ll take it for 27B please

28B. I can only wait for a few hours

@cc_select SOLD :wink:

I feel bad about the last one so it’s all yours cc select.

Isk and account info sent.

Confirmed. Character sent.