[WTS] 30m sp rorqual pilot

Greetings. I am looking to sell a rorqual pilot.

Password on all eveskillboard links will be 123.

Lorkrork - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Lorkrorq

All will be assumed to be in high sec at time of sale and positive balance on all wallets.

Can be reached either here or message Ingame.

Starting: 18b
B/O: 25b

Confirming Ownership

Confirming Ownership

Confirming ownership

im very interested i am selling a 81m sp toon and i am going to buy rorqs with it… hopefully mine sells fast enough to catch this post…

I have gotten exactly 0 offers thus far …so I’ll keep an eye out waiting on you.

20b for all 3

Will offer 20b for lorkrork and chutzpah miner

I’m assuming y’all mean 20b per? It’s interesting that lorkrork is being valued the same as the others even though he’s the most skilled lol.

I mean 20 total. They are all very similar rorq pilots. Bazaar has been flooded with rorq pilots

Yeah nah. That’s a joke.
I can extract the toons for nearly triple that.
Thanks for the offer though :slight_smile:

I could do 20b for the two less. With the cost of extractors this is the price you would get in injectors

Lol so you were trying to low-ball offer me 20b for all 3 but will now do 20 for two?
Get lost.

I was only asking for 2

Lol well now I feel like an asshole. Sorry at work and a bit distracted :rofl:

Completely ok. If 20B is good let me know. I can get you isk shortly. I have other offers in for rorqs so sooner is better. Thanks.

Yeah that works.
I am at work for another 6 hours…but once I’m home I’ll set up the transfer. Feel free to mail me in game account name to transfer to and when I’m off I’ll get it all going.

Gunnery Mike will be sending the isk and the accounts for each of the toons to go on. Thanks in advance

Ingame mail sent to Z0id Burg with details of accounts to transfer chars.

Isk sent, 10bill to Chutzpah_Miner and 10bill to Boetheia

Perfect. Has been received. Will process transfer after work.
Still selling Lorkrork!