[WTS] 30m sp rorqual pilot


19B for Lorkrorq

I have reviewed the tickets and according to the GMs the characters have been transferred. If you can confirm…

I have not received another offer on lorkrorq…I am at work for another 8 hours so if you can wait until then - I’ll accept your offer.

I can confirm I have received the chars. Thank you for the transaction!

Best of luck for your last char.

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I will accept your offer. Send isk when ready and I’ll start the transfer.

did you have any more char ?

Just lorkrorq…but I haven’t heard anything from kiriko.
If you want to beat his offer or assist in the transfer fee I may consider it :slight_smile:

20b you pay fee

Send money to this toon and I’ll initiate transfer in a bit.
Not home at the moment.

when you get back

Will probably be home in about an hour or so.
Might be able to actually remote desktop into my PC lol.

k than i wait for you ready than i will pay

I can actually just remote desktop it. I’ll log in the toons I need now and get transfer ready.

k than i go get my isk ready

Character has been dropped to NPC and Plex in the vault.
Once isk is received - I will ticket the transfer.
Just send me what account it’s going to


i need to wait a bit sry for that

Awaiting you friend.


So i just send you money now
should i write reason ?