Selling RORQUAL pilot 30M SP

Trying to find a new Master. Myself



Industrial Core: V

Drone skills: 7.2M

Locatet in Jita
No killrights
Positive wallet.
Genolution Core Augmentation 1-4
Positive sec status.

I will pay transfer.

All CCP rules apply.

Start: 20B
B/O: 32B

Ill do 20b

24B rdy

25b rdy

27b rdy

28B rdy

Bids notet.

Getting close to the B/O.


if the character comes with the Rorq I’ll do the buyout

29B offer

30B offer

Thank you for all the offers.

If nobody has made a higher offer than Kim lancer by the time it is 19.30 EVE time today 22/11-2018 Im gonna let him buy the char for 30B.

31 Bill

sorry wrong account.

Selling myself to Baps McGee for 31B.

Send isk and account info Baps and I will start the transfer.

Isk and info sent

Isk and account info recived.

Will start the process tomorrow as according to buyers instructions.

Pleasure doing business, will confirm once character is received

I made a ticket to CCP about the transfer of McCylon Six to buyers account.

Transfer starting when CCP begins the process.

Mailing you ingame with ticket number.

Character received, Thank you

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