[WTS] 30m SP Rorqual Pilot


(Fatima Foont) #1


  • Positive Security Status
  • Positive Wallet
  • No Kill rights
  • Jita 4-4 Clone with +5s
  • Jita 4-6 Clone with Mining Foreman Mindlink
  • Claw Capable for safe null travel
  • CCU IV and Interplanetary Consolidation IV for null PI
  • Rosada Dawn Rorqual Skin :space_invader:

Taking offers, will sell if bid matches what I’m looking for.

(A-li Qiu) #2

i’ll offer 25B

(A-li Qiu) #3

Found that the skills and the title does not match, retracted

(Fatima Foont) #4

Updated title, eveboard was showing pre-extracted sp.

(A-li Qiu) #5

offer 21B

(Race Leader) #6

offering 22B

(Wpier Dol) #7

offering 23b

(Race Leader) #8

24b :sweat_smile:

(Wpier Dol) #9

25b xD

(Race Leader) #10

Gaddamit, 26b :cry:

(Wpier Dol) #11

owner seem to not responding se has hi still hawe it but ill do 27b

(Race Leader) #12

Damn you, I hate being poor, i guess I have to wait for the next person to sell a rorq :anguished:

(Fatima Foont) #13

Daily bump, I’ll let it go for 1 more day and the high bidder gets it.

(Wpier Dol) #14

any one here?

(SmithDogg) #15


(Fatima Foont) #16

27b wins it, please send isk and account info in an evemail.

(Wpier Dol) #17

ok sec

(Bunny Mo) #18

if deal falls through evemail me and il match his + more

(Wpier Dol) #19

isk sent and account details sen by evemail as well

(Fatima Foont) #20

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Fatima Foont

Will be completed after: 6/30/2017 6:54:20 AM