WTS 25m sp rorqual pilot - BUYOUT FURTHER LOWERED

WTS 25m sp rorqual pilot.

Lowered to 26B BUYOUT


18B offer

19B on name alone :100:


lol people offering so low at that price be like he just strip the char and deleted because with the transfer fee like 3 billion isk

22B Offer

capital industrie ship 3 useless

25bill offer

Thanks for the offers guys really appreciate it


offer retracted upon further research

previous offer stands 25.5b

Hey guys thanks for the offers - looking for 30b if there is anyone out there with an offer

25.5 most common the highest you get because skill points at 1 billion for every 1 m sp

Thanks for the reply Magestic and giving some insight. I’ll set the price at 27b, first come first serve. Thanks again.

27B is a acceptable prise.

Is that an offer Doctor? If so feel free to transfer isk and send account info :slight_smile: let me know

EDIT - Nothing heard so character is still for sale at 27B! :slight_smile:

27b Isk and account info being sent

Still waiting on reply from seller isk and info has been sent

at 24hrs from first sending isk if transfer has not be started i request seller to send back isk and do not start transfer, if transfer is started after 24hrs i will contact ccp to cancel it and request isk back

This is my request for seller to send back all 27B isk. I have sent in ticket asking for refund.