[SOLD] WTS 22.7m SP Focused Rorqual Pilot

(Meiggs) #1


  • Positive Wallet
  • Remap in 2 months
  • No Kill Rights
  • Located In Hi-Sec

I’ll pay transfer.

Starting Bid 24bil

(Russkiy 3akat) #2

24b ^^

(Meiggs) #3

If nobody offers more by this time tomorrow I’ll accept your offer of 24b, will post here if accepting

EDIT: If no better offers are posted 24 hours after the latest bid ill accept that offer.

(Girthy McGirtherson) #4


(Avallah) #5

25 bil

(Russkiy 3akat) #6


(Tisha Kurvora) #7


(Savoc Minithor) #8

27 bil

(Savoc Minithor) #9

what would be a Buyout price?

(Meiggs) #10

Ill do 30 for buyout

(Savoc Minithor) #11


how do we proceed?

(Meiggs) #12

send me the isk and account name in game and ill start the transfer rn

(Russkiy 3akat) #13

i can offer 31))

(Savoc Minithor) #14

hu, so, do I send to Meiggs? or those 31 mean anything?

(Meiggs) #15

I already offered 30 for the buyout price, so ill honor 30 unless Russkiy offers 35 for a higher buyout

(Savoc Minithor) #16

ill cover that

(Russkiy 3akat) #17

do the trade, i dont offer 35b

(Savoc Minithor) #18

thanks :slight_smile:

(Meiggs) #19

Alrighty! I’ll honor 30b, transfer isk and ill begin transfer shortly

(Meiggs) #21

Convo me in-game and we’ll get it sorted