WTS 30m Rorq Pilot

hello, selling the following; http://eveboard.com/pilot/Roach_Roller

  • T2 indy Core
  • T2 Shield Links
  • Good drones
  • Good shields
  • Decent amount of extractable SP
  • A fairly useless mid-grade slave pod

Character is in NPC corp, has positive wallet and security status, and I will pay transfer fee.

Start: 27b
Buyout: 32b or highest bid 6h after start is met. Buyout slightly negotiable for a quick sale.

Post, mail or convo in-game for discussion


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Great looking toon unfortunately won’t have isk for a few weeks


Not even my toon and that’s a lowball offer





start met, buyout will be 31b or price 6h from now

buy out 32b!i bid

33b buy out

will accept this buyout, pls send isk+account

You can´t accept this buy out. You set buyout at 32b and one player above already met it. Once buyout is met, you have to sell it at that price.

no he doesnt it doesnt say anything about that in the rules. lol he could dip out and refuse to sell it or sell it to whoever he wants. its his decision.

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It might not be in the rules, but it’s a shitty thing to do and besides what use are buyouts if you don’t keep to them.

Not a shitty thing to do at all. Everyone wants more money even you. If you were selling a character and someone outbid your buyout you would take that extra money too. lets stop shitting up his board.

But you are right, this is not the place for a discussion.

retr… sorry…

np, @xiaoyao_NingMeng if you want it for 32 it’s yours, if not best bid in few hours wins

Little confused on current bid, but if 27b is highest i’ll bid 29b.