WTS 20m Pure Rorq Pilot

(Bro Hot Tub) #1

Hello, want to sell the following character; http://eveboard.com/pilot/Bro_Hot_Tub

  • T2 Indy core
  • Mining Drone Spec V
  • Capital Industrial Ships/Invulnerability Core Operation IV
  • Enough in shields to use an appropriate tank

Character is in NPC corp, has positive wallet and security status, and I will pay transfer fee.

Start: 23b
Buyout: 27b or whatever the highest bid is a few hours after start is met. Willing to negotiate buyout price for a swift sale.

Post, mail or convo in-game to discuss.


(Tali'Shepard Vas Normandy) #2

20 bil

(Brandon Admar) #3

21 bill

(Space Homey) #4


(Brandon Admar) #5

23 billion

(Aki Naiya) #6

23.5 B

(Bro Hot Tub) #7


(Bro Hot Tub) #8

Private offer accepted In game.
Toon is sold.

(Kaos Supreme) #9

I was the private offer. Isk and account info sent, awaiting transfer.

(system) #10

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