SOLD - Close Thread Plz

Looking to sell my rorq pilot, Warden Krux

Here are the highlights:

  • T2 Indy Core
  • Excavator Ore Drones
  • Panic Module
  • Can Do Capital Ship Construction

Check the skillboard for all of the specific details.

Located in high sec, positive wallet and sec status, NPC corp, no killrights. EDIT Sorry forgot to add seller pays all transfer fees.

Starting bid is 21b, will accept an offer when I see one I feel is adequate. Thanks for looking!

Confirmed for sale!


To the top, thanks for the bid!

Will give this 48hrs, it’s 6:00am my time on Thursday morning, so Saturday morning I’ll accept the highest offer.

To the top!

I will bid 21.5b


I will bid 23b


I will bid 25b


26bil accepted, please send isk and account info and I’ll process the transfer as soon as I can. (Headed to bed now but will wake up in about 6 hrs)

No response from buyer, auction is open again for 24 hours.

I will bid 25b again

My apologies, an issue came up and I was unable to make it to a desktop to transfer funds on that day. I sent the funds/info before reading that the auction was back up, so feel free to accept, or refund my ISK if you’d like to continue the auction.

Again, my apologies.

All good my man, wasn’t sure if you were coming back, I still accept your offer, and the transfer was just processed, you should receive an email shortly. Thanks a lot and enjoy!

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