WTS 22m SP Rorq Pilot - Sold

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kuulo_Frank (in NPC Corp, taking a while to update)
Positive Wallet
Located in Highsec
No JCs
No Killrights

Starting: 22B
Buyout: 28B

Hi 22b, isk is ready.

Accepted. Send Isk and account and I will begin the transfer

I’m a very nice begin. However I’m auctioning both two characters, can you wait for my final decision this Friday?

Or maybe there will be higher price until we finish this trade.

This character is very fouce on Rorq, very nice toon. The only thing I dislike is his baby fat head portrait, hahahaha.

Ok. If there is no one else until then its still yours. In the mean time…

Bids are back open.

PS: you can change the picture for the portrait lol

you dont check ingame mail. dont you?

I have not received an in game mail

Pardon me, wrong auction. I bet 22bil on this toon, but its the same, all my cash is heavily invested, need approx 12 hours to accumulate required isk.

All good.
Auction will then close in 12 hours. (Likely when I get home tomorrow, around 22:00)

ok started to dumping assets.

I wanna say one sentence to Kuulo Frank: miss you once, miss you forever.


found other toon, retracted bid as 22 on this one, bid 19 iskies ready. I am aware its below your auction price so might consider it as a free bump.

ok w/e Im good with 19
Send the isk and info and Ill start the transfer

Iskies and info sent.


Transfer Started

It was a pleasure to make a deal with you, feel free to contact me in case of any questions.
Also if its possible mail me contact person, in case ill have some Rorqual mining questions)
Thank you and have a great day!

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