WTS focused Rorq pilot - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Pursuit_of_Light

Focused Rorqual pilot with 22.3m SP plus 750k unallocated SP!!! Check it out!!!

Pilot in high sec, NPC corp. (DATA delay in the link)
No kill rights.
Positive Wallet balance.

Do not mess with me like that three guys under this forum, if you don’t have enough isk, go make some. Bidder below 18b will be put in my blacklist, bid under 20b is not considered at all, thanks for your cooperation. :slight_smile:

(Long-term open forum)
20b start
25b B/O


dont wanna be a douche but you have to be in a npc corp

and it is no where close to a pilot that should be in a rorqual by any means you simply miss to many critical skills

As i have posted, she is in high sec corp, its just the skillboard info delaying.
And yes, she is focused rorqual pilot, 23m sp with max mining drone, max mining foreman and max capital Industrial Ships. It served me very well :slight_smile:

i am realy trying to be as friendly as i can but i had to adress that with no fun intendet or anything realy negative

10b isk ready

10.5B 0ffer. ready to send isk

guys i did not try to lower her price wich is not to unreasenable if i had 18 bil -19 bil spare i would offer that cause below the 18 would be a insult

(convo invite ingame pursuit)

You are supposed to use rorqual to mine and foreman your fleet, you are not supposed to use rorqual to fight and kill subcaps. If you get caught, use Pulse Activated Nexus Invulnerability Core and call for help. There’s no point for you to mine on a rorqual solo without any backup fleet. You solo mine, you get caught, you die. More shield skills cant save you, only PANIC module + backup fleet save you. Just like you cannot krab with titan and die quietly and blame your character does not have enough shield skills, its nothing to do with skill points, we all know that. That’s simple.

PS. generally nice try to cut price, but sadly i’m in this game over 5 years so i know the value in my character and how rorqual works. Your trick only works on first-time character trade newbee.

And I will change the skill points description, at least you are right on that part. :slight_smile:

you are blocked, save your isk.

removed 1 post sicne youre clearly ingame in a npc corp and you adjusted the sp count :slight_smile:

please lets talk ingame or you post to much and risks getting locked for 24 hours

people who offer below 18bil in this forum will be put in my black list right away, you are out of my game.



20 bil

bump!looking for higher bid


sry i cancel my order

10b isk ready