WTS 23.7m SP Rorq+Naglfar pilot (SOLD)

Looking to sell rorq+naglfar pilot


T1 industrial core
Invulnerability Core Operation 3

T2 siege module
Minmatar Dreadnaut 3

No KR’s
Positive Sec Status
In NPC corp ready to go
Pos Wallet
In Perimeter NPC station

Starting bid at 20 bil

20bil offered

21 bil

26.5bil offered

24,5 bil


The B/O is 40Bil for those wondering

While I respect your decision for that number, it made me chuckle, you could dang near make this toon out of injectors for that price, even with current extreme inflation. I have a number in my head as a max, any idea how long you will leave the bidding up for? (assuming no insane people come and actually bid 40 bil.)

Assuming no insane 40b bid (not actually expecting it, but its good to have a cap), I’ll leave bidding up until 17:00 eve time (about another hour and a half)

Kir Cesarevich wins. send isk and info and i will start the transfer

done and done

@Kir_Cesarevich “Target user is already involved in a character transfer.”

oh lord, I transfered a toon off the acct yesterday to make room, I’ll put in a ticket with CCP, didn’t realize this would be an issue… after sending info I double checked and they haven’t finished the move over yet. I’ll make sure to include a link here and your name in the ticket.

makes sense. Its due to the holding time I believe

Well, if it helps speed things along which I hope is does, a ticket has been submitted, I’m afraid they’ll just tell us to wait though. I honestly wasn’t expecting to be buying a toon so fast today. haha been looking for two weeks and as soon as I make my accounts un-tradeable I find what I’m looking for… figures…

lol, its fine, i have the isk on a different account. as soon as it is possible for me to transfer the character, I will. do you have a link to the ticket?

I do, however it has some info I would rather keep private, such as names of other accounts I used for transfer, I made my own life nice and complicated it appears. I’ll update here as soon as I learn anything though.

sounds good, keep me posted.

I am going to be out of the house for the rest of the day, there has been no response and they’ve nto finished my transfer at this point. I’d suggest, if you’re willing to, that you just try and start the transfer again around the same time that you posted the for-sale add, by then the automated system should have moved my character. Sorry about all this, I really wasn’t expecting the purchase of the toon and everything to be so fast!

no problem, will do. I will tag you with the result