WTS Perfect Naglfar Pilot 27.5m SP


Minmatar Dreadnought V
T2 Siege
T2 Weapons
Jump Drive Cal. V

300m Worth of DPS/Tracking Implants

Starting Bids 25b
Buyout 35b

Start you off with 22b. Bc idk if you noticed but you only have 26mil sp

skillboard was outdated :slight_smile:
But thanks for letting me know

Alright looks much better now. Bid 25b

26b offered




28.5 Bil

idk what that was but ok :smiley:
highest bid is 28b so far will give it a few more hours

28.5 bil

29bil bid :stuck_out_tongue:

29.5 bi, i’m watching you

30b bid

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I’ll go,enjoy

gdi finally lmao jesus

is this some kind of joke :stuck_out_tongue:

if not. highest bid 30b by dark

He kept raising the price on both this char and another nag toon lmao. Also do you mind if I buy this toon around a week from now?

30b, will send isk in 3 days

31b purchase