WTS - Focused Naglfar Pilot - 33M SP


Highly focused character located in Nalvula, positive wallet, in NPC corp.

Buyout - 35B


Thanks, but I think that offer is a bit low.

I couldn’t imagine it going much higher, It’s missing T2 guns which are fairly important for nags. Maybe im wrong. Ill go 28.5b.

Daily Bump.

Very generous of you since you can almost inject a nag alt for that much and this character has a good bit of wasted sp for a dedicated dread pilot. on top of not having all the desired skills. I’ll offer 25bil if you decide to back out. Good Luck.

30.5 billion

After doing some math I think my first bid was too generous; there is over 6 million in wasted SP that I will have to extract and re-inject… I will bid 29.5 billion.

31 billion

31.5 offer

32 billion

I will bid the requested buy out price then, 35 billion.

Sold to the happy looking bloke with the moustouche! (Amedeo Amodio)

Please send isk to Character. I cannot perform transfer for about 10 hours.

ISK and account information has been sent.

Transfer is in progress. Thanks for doing business.

I got the transfer character email in my inbox this morning.

Good trading with you too.

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