SOLD 24.4 mil SP focused Naglfar pilot

located in highsec, positive wallet, etc.

starting bid : 26 bil
buyout : 35 bil

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Your price seems a little bit off.
I’m offering 20 bil, consider my offer if you will.

I offer 21 bill best of luck:)

22b no JDC V, trained armor skills, and 0 targeting skills

23B isk ready

25 bil b/o

25.5B isk B/O

28B buy out, final offer max price good for 24 hours.

accepted. waiting for isk and acct info for transfer.

Isk and information has been sent

target account has no empty slot to receive the character

I’m sure it will get sorted out. If not I can offer 26B isk and have an open slot ready to receive

transfer started. enjoy the char !

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