Well Trained Nag + Misc

WTS Pretty Decent Nag toon with nice support skills in gunnery and drone/fighters


Notable Skills Injected:

Minmatar Titan

Min buyout 35b

I’ll start with 23B

Thanks for the bid, would prefer the initial bid to be closer to 30b if I’m honest.


no one here is interested in what you’d prefer, the char isn’t worth anywhere near 35B. I bid 23.5B, good for 24 hours, if you decline i don’t care.

28 Bil

28.5 B

I appreciate the offers everyone, if I could get 30b for this character then that will be good for me, Thank you <3

28.5 B is generous for 41k sp char. Please let’s close it and I can send ISK as soon as I get home.

ISK ready!

Alrighty, I’ll take this offer. Let me just get everything prepared on my side.

Send me a message on discord @ Arcanier#2856 so we can discuss who i send this character too

Many thanks!

Will do it soon just finishing work and will buzz on discord when get home.

Thanks again, looking forward to give her a new home :slight_smile: !!!

NP will wait for your DM :slight_smile:

Can’t find you on Discord, can you double check your username please?

Derp, i changed it. try ‘Arcanier Le God#2856’

Isk has been recieved

Character transfer has been initated

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