Sold :)

I would like to sell myself.

  • Minmatar Titan 5
  • Gunnery support skills lvl 5
  • Doomsday operation 4
  • Revelation 5 / Naglfar 4
  • T2 Siege
  • Thermodynamics 5
  • Most engineering skills 5
  • JDC 5 / JFC 5
  • +5 Training implants
  • 2 bonus remaps + annual remaining
  • Clean killboard

Comes with skins for Revelation (Expoplanets, Kador) and Naglfar (Tronhadar).

Can also fly Sabre and Claw/Stiletto.

Check out Eveskillboard

Wallet is not negative, has no kill rights, located in Jita (clones too).

Starting bid: 50b ISK

45 bil


Thank you for meeting the starting bid :slight_smile:

Let’s aim to close bidding at the end of the weekend in about 2 days.

60 bil

no longer valid

over 24 hours


I aim to close bidding in just around 24h, to give everyone a shot at this spectacular character.


62 bil

Congratulations. I accept your bid of 62b. Please send the account info and isk to this character. I’ll begin the transfer immediately afterwards :slight_smile:

Sure, I really appreciate it.
But I am still in the laboratory now and my computer is not nearby. I will send ISK to you as soon as I get back.
Thank you!

Sent you an in-game mail.
Please confirm.
I am very sorry for the delay.

Confirmed in game. No worries about the lateness, life happens

Thank you~
ISK and account info sent.
Please confirm.

Confirmed and support ticket filed.

I am transferring it with PLEX, so please do remember you will not receive an email.

Then send the ticket number via in-game mail please. Use another of your character


With all due respect, did you put 1000plex into your item hanger? Or the GM wouldn’t be able to remove it from plex vault.

I was struggling to upload a picture to imgur. You should have recieved the information in a mail.

And yes, I do have PLEX in the hanger, no worries! I’ve done this before haha. It sometimes takes a little bit for them to manually transfer.

Ok, Thanks~
Then all I have to do is wait for it

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I‘ve recieved the character. So much faster than i thought it would be.
Thank you~