https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Lorkrag - pw: 123456

B/O 17,5b or give a offer

Got some big skills ready trained:
Capital ships lvl V
Jump Calibation lvl V

All the expensiv and big skills are injectet

Postiv Wallet and sec status
1 full set of +5 implants
Got all the skills injectet for Amarr and Minmatar Titan, and trained some of it

Cheap way to start your titan lifestyle


up again

not likely but 2bill.

lol i can drain it for 12b+…so no, not likely, but thanks for offer

7b :upside_down_face:

hoping for a bit more then that…at least double and change :smiley:

Offering 16.5B

Offer is based on current extraction value, value of injected skills, value of clone and some change - ppl offering more, would just be giving you more change, i.e. gifting you ISK, which is hard to find these days.

ISK in hand and ready to be sent!

17b and its yours, can transfer now

Let’s settle on 16.75b and its a good deal for both of us then.

Please disclose current clone location and confirm that character has no kill rights atm according to bazaar rules.


confirmed, docked at jita 4-4 and have no active killrights against this toon

ISK and message sent in-game.

Got isk ingame, and char is being transfered, as of 04.29 eve time

Confirming character transfer complete - thx!

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