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Vantage Industry

Total Skillpoints: 85,342,495
Unallocated Skillpoints: 0
Total Skillpoints: 85,342,495

Versatile Titan/Cap Pilot with good support skills, flys Ragnarok, Naglfar, Revelation, Zirnitra, Apostle, Suitcase Archon

Minmatar Titan 4
Amarr Dread 4
Minmatar Dread 4
Precursor Dread 4
Tactical Weapon Reconfig 5
Capital Auto/Arty Spec 4
Capital Beam/Pulse Spec 4
Capital Precursor Weapon 5
XL Cruise/Torp Spec 4

Amarr Carrier 4
Tactical Logistics Reconfig 5

Precursor Battleship 5
Large Precursor Weapon 5
Large Disintegrator Spec 4

Armored, Info and Skirmish Command 5

81 Skins Including:
Ragnarok Shakim Warlord SKIN
Ragnarok Tronhadar Ink SKIN
Naglfar Blue Tiger SKIN
Naglfar In Rust We Trust SKIN
Panther Bloody Hands SKIN
Leshak Blackfire Steel SKIN

Character located in Jita 4-4
Mid Grade Crystal jump clone in Jita 4-4
NPC Corp
Positive Wallet Balance
Positive Sec Status
No Kill Rights
Remap available plus 2x bonus remaps

Bids starting from 85B
Extract value is around 81.5B, Titan skillbook is 6B

first off, extraction value is 75b averaging an extractors at 410m and an lsi at 875m, which is split for both atm, that being said, its got the titan skillbook which i’m looking for, 90b offer

Hi @brealfr,

At Jita split that would be correct, I’d evaluated its worth based on placing buy orders for Extractors and sell orders for LSI’s as I’m not in a particularly huge rush for the ISK.

That being said, considering the effort required to extract and your offer being reasonable I’m willing to accept.

Please transfer ISK to this account and mail me ingame with account details for transfer

roger, isk and info sent

ISK Recieved, Transfer started

Character SOLD

will post here and confirm as soon as char is received, thx

character received, sale over, o7

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