SOLD WTS Ragnarok/Naglfar Pilot

Dedicated Ragnarok Pilot, can also fly a Naglfar and Rhea. Almost all skill points are dumped into titan skills.

Starting bid: 55B
Buy out: 65B

Minmitar Titan 5
DD operation 5
Rapid DD 4
Jump drive calibration and operation 5
Good core shield and gunnery skills

Positive wallet balance
Security status: 0 for all (entire life spent in null sec)
Located in Jita
Member of an NPC corp
No kill rights

40b offer

I need a bit more than that, I can extract all the skills for almost that much. I won’t sell lower than 50B.

extraction price is 30b :slight_smile:
372 = Large Skill Injector price - Skill extractor price - 8% tax
45kk sp, 40kk is extractable, (40*2)*372 = 29,760.


No need to be rude man. I know what the character is worth and I know how to do math.

50B offer isk in hand :slight_smile:

51 bil

55b offer

I accept your 55B offer. Send isk to me with account details to transfer pilot, I will do it ASAP.

ISK sent as well as account info. Awaiting character transfer to initiate.

ISK received, transfer initiated. Pleasure doing business with you.

Thank you. Your Credit Card account was billed on: Thu, 30 Mar 2023 14:59:39 GMT, in the amount of 20.00 USD.

1 x Character Transfer
TOTAL = 20,00 USD

Transfer is completed and everything seems in order.


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