WTS - Ragnarok Sitter - 16m SP

I am selling this pilot as no longer needed.


As you can see, Minmatar Titan is currently being trained to V, with 50 days left. She also has Doomsday skills plugged in, as well as the Gunnery Specs plugged in.

Starting bid - 4bil
Buyout - Surprise me

Account has positive wallet, no kill rights and is in safe space.

I will pay the transfer fee.

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so, lets started 4b

Willing to pay 7B right now.

will go 9B

I’ll go to 10b

Bump. Ty for the offers so far.


if anyone wants to offer 14bil, then the toon can be yours today.

I’ll offer 12b as buyout, isk ready now.

Transfer the isk now, and mail the account details :slight_smile:

Isk sent and account name evemailed


Character transfer initiated :), Ty

Thanks was it a CC one or Plex?

Card payment

Awesome thank you!

Have fun with her, in a Rag, or a Rorq, lol

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