[SOLD]WTS 52M SP Avatar/Ragnarok/Molok Pilot

(Nebbiie) #1

Selling this pilot, as I do no longer need her.


Decent killboard.

Is in Jita 4-4 with a set of +5’s.
No killrights.
Positive security status.
Positive wallet.
1 Remap.

Naglfar Hazard Control
Imperial Jubilee Revelation
Khanid Avatar

Will pay transfer with isk, so might take a wee bit longer than with cash.

Start Bid: 58b
Buyout: 70b

(wangsunan) #2

40b ready

(Nebbiie) #3

Thanks for the offer, but it not nearly enough for her.

(Tyree Crowder Severasse) #4


(Nebbiie) #5

Send isk and account name :wink:

(Tyree Crowder Severasse) #6

you on?

(Nebbiie) #7

I am on now, yes.

Just send the ISK and a mail with your account name in a mail to this pilot, and I’ll initiate the transfer with CCP ASAP.

(Nebbiie) #8

Guy above hasn’t replied or reacted in 24+ hours.
So we will continue the sale.

(Captain Bo) #9

40.5B ready

(Nebbiie) #10


(Johny Rambo) #11

47 bil

(Nebbiie) #12


(Alex Morrain) #13

58bil? Or free bump

(Aspattina) #15


(Alex Morrain) #16

65 bil

(Nebbiie) #17


Offer accepted. Send ISK and Account name.
I will get the petition to CCP sent as soon as that is done :wink:

(Nebbiie) #18

No reply from the last bidder.
We will continue the sale.

Guys, please. If you bid, and find something else, or lose interest, at least retract your bid, so I know that you are no longer interested.

(naPasik) #19

55 bil

(Nebbiie) #20


(Aspattina) #21

60 bil