***SOLD*** 51m SP Ragnarok Pilot + pre-Rorqual Pilot

Toying with selling myself (for ISK). I am a capable Ragnarok pilot and in 19ish days I will be a capable Rorqual pilot. This allows me to stay in my titan when needed but pop out and make ISK when needed as well.

Please make offers here. I’ll close this auction in 7 days time (as of posting). I reserve right to end early with a bid I like. I also reserve right to end and not sell. I will pay for transfer to your account with cold hard cash so there is no delay save for the 10 hour CCP implemented delay.

My skills are here: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Doji_Reju and the password is 8888.

  1. Wallet Balance will be positive but not very high
  2. No kill rights either direction
  3. Jump Clones are in 0.0 with +4s and Baratar with nothing.
  4. Character will be located in Jita at time of transfer.

Let’s please start bidding at 40b

41 bil


44 bil


Top bid 46. If we hit 48 I’ll sell.

48 bil

Dredx is winner at 48. Please send isk and a note to which account to send the character please. I will update once sold.

isk and account name sent

Sending pilot now…please stand by…

Character has been transferred to requested account. Thank you for your business!

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