WTS Avatar Pilot (52mil SP) [no hurry]


I am for sale. I prefer selling to actual end users. I am not looking for a quick sale. Offers arround extraction value are useless :slight_smile:
Reason for sale: Already have 1 titan pilot. Scaling back number of alts/accounts due to lower activity. Depening on the price might choose to keep the char on inactive account.

Avatar Pilot (https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Thierry_Saissore pw: 54321)
SP: 52,3mil (+ 131,771 unallocated)
Current Location: Uemon VIII - Moon 10 - Zainou Biotech Production
Corp: The Scope (NPC) eveskill still needs to update.
Clone: HG Amulet set + MR-706 + EM-806 + RF-906+ HG 1006 ( Located in lowsec: Uemon VIII - Moon 10 - Zainou Biotech Production)
Skins: Imperial Jubilee skin & Deathglow Hunters
Next to Avatar other highlights i can fly: Ares (travel) / Oracle (bashes) / Myrm/Domi (PVE)
Wallet ballance: Not negative :slight_smile:
Transfer fee: will be payed with Plex.

Starting: 52Bil
Reserve: Hidden
Insta Buy-out: 67Bil

Nicely trained toon. Iโ€™ll go 60b.

Plex transfer is not available any more. See the pinned post.

Thanks for your compliment and offer.

Ah guess I wonโ€™t be paying with plex then :wink:

Daily Bump :slight_smile:

67b BO

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Thanks for offering the buyout repoman1 . Confirming your the first one to place this bid. Can you let me know when you wired the isk? Then ill start the transfer. Looking at your post time i think our TZโ€™s dont match. So please give me a notice when the isk is transfered and ill try to be behind a pc asap to start the transfer. :slight_smile:

sorry have to retract

Always sad to see people walk out of deals. But i am back for sale i guess :slight_smile:

Confriming here that an agreement was made ingame with A Minmatar Alt that reached the reserve (63b) and will be selling the char at this point :slight_smile: .

Waiting to revicive the isk and account name to transfer to.

Will be active on sunday again.

Just got online. ISK and account name sent. No worries waiting until Sunday. Thanks! o7

Just started the char transfer. Enjoy! :slight_smile: @A_Minmatar_Alt

Confirming char in transfer. Thanks for the sale! o7

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