[WTS] Skilled 38m SP Avatar pilot

Pilot is currently sitting in HG Slave set in lowsec station.
Please note I am not in a rush to sell, so all lowball offers will be ignored :slight_smile:

Start bid - 35b
B/O - 45b

Bumpy bump!


36 bil



Bumpy bump!

Another bump bites the dust!

u want to sell or not`? u dont even recognice minimum offers? still 4 sale?

39B u active? want to buy


still for selling? 40B

41b offer

45 bo

Accepted - please send isk and account info via evemail

money and info sent

Confirmed reception of both.
Support Request #1007556 has been raised for character transfer
I will confirm when the character transfer is confirmed as started by GM
Thank you!

Unfortunately no news from GMs yet, but I guess everyone is just drunk after London :slight_smile:

Yeah probably :grin:

so whats going on, on the transfer?

The transfer petition is still pending - I have updated it.
If it won’t work, I will raise new one tomorrow under “stuck” category…
Apologies for the delay, it never took so long :frowning: