(Nebby The Sergal) #1

Selling, as I no longer need him.


Located in Jita 4-4 with a set of +5’s.
Positive sec status
Positive wallet
No killrights

Will pay for transfer with isk, so might take a wee bit longer than if paid with cash.

Truth be told, I am unsure what FAX pilots go for these days. So I will set a careful start bid and B/O, let me know if they are too high.

Start Bid: 30B
B/O: 40B

(Grr Gons) #2

I’ll bid 30B

Considering the current injector/extractor delta and the injector price by itself, the buyout value is set way too high imo.

(Nebby The Sergal) #4

Noted, will lower the B/O :wink:

(Nebby The Sergal) #5


(Nebby The Sergal) #6

Bump. Still for sale!

(SpankM3) #7

32B B/O

(SpankM3) #8

33B if you can transfer today, thx

(Nebby The Sergal) #9

35B. And I’ll get the petition to CCP, sent today.

(SpankM3) #10

Sorry, I cant go higher 33B is my final offer

(Delta Zhang) #11

31B oak ready

(Nebby The Sergal) #12

Meet in the middle at 34B then. Otherwise I’ll let the thread keep going, someones bound to want to pay that at some point :smile:

(SpankM3) #13

33.5B isk

(Nebby The Sergal) #14

34B or no deal :slight_smile:

(SpankM3) #15

offer retreat

(Aiko H) #16

32B offered

(Aspattina) #17

I guess its ur focused avatar\ragnarok pilot is for sale here. I want both of them, contact me via evemail.

(Aiko H) #18

34.5B isk ready

(Nebby The Sergal) #19


Offer accepted. Send ISK and Account name.
I will get the petition to CCP sent as soon as that is done :wink:

(Aiko H) #20

plz let me delete one of my alt and then i will send u isk and account info

it may take 8 hours from now.


(Aiko H) #21

It takes about 2 more hours to delete my alt. ISK was send to [Nebby The Sergal]

See in game mail for account info

Thank you