Selling, as I no longer need him.


Located in Jita 4-4 with a set of +5’s.
Positive sec status
Positive wallet
No killrights

Will pay for transfer with isk, so might take a wee bit longer than if paid with cash.

Truth be told, I am unsure what FAX pilots go for these days. So I will set a careful start bid and B/O, let me know if they are too high.

Start Bid: 30B
B/O: 40B

I’ll bid 30B

Considering the current injector/extractor delta and the injector price by itself, the buyout value is set way too high imo.

Noted, will lower the B/O :wink:


Bump. Still for sale!

32B B/O

33B if you can transfer today, thx

35B. And I’ll get the petition to CCP, sent today.

Sorry, I cant go higher 33B is my final offer

31B oak ready

Meet in the middle at 34B then. Otherwise I’ll let the thread keep going, someones bound to want to pay that at some point :smile:

33.5B isk

34B or no deal :slight_smile:

offer retreat

32B offered

I guess its ur focused avatar\ragnarok pilot is for sale here. I want both of them, contact me via evemail.

34.5B isk ready


Offer accepted. Send ISK and Account name.
I will get the petition to CCP sent as soon as that is done :wink:

plz let me delete one of my alt and then i will send u isk and account info

it may take 8 hours from now.


It takes about 2 more hours to delete my alt. ISK was send to [Nebby The Sergal]

See in game mail for account info

Thank you