WTS 65mil pilot


  1. No killrights
  2. Positive wallet
  3. In NPC corp
  4. located in Jita
  5. 512,000 Unallocated SP
  6. Bonus Remaps - 2
  7. Yearly Remap - 1

All other CCP rules apply.

BO : 60B

54 bil offer

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Ok, I agree. I accept your offer. Sent ISK to my alt Alex Kalantas and account information. I’ll start the transfer of the character.

I wait isk and accont info. Alex Kalantas
I am ready to do a character transfer. I sit on my alt and wait for account information and ISK.

Nice joke from Avallah. The character is still on sale!

40 bil

Nice joke man :smiley:

Why not 20bil? :smile:

Last price 50bil! Buy yes I’ll go to sleep.

45 bil

Do you really want to buy it or is it again Avallah jokes?

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44 bil

What are these jokes?

43 bil

If you want to buy my pilot, make an offer and I will accept it. Jokes joke go to friends.

isk goes to the char being sold as per ccp rules.
you can send it to your alt after that

First of all ISK should be sent to character which was sold, so please respect character bazaar rules.
Next my offers are serious - just check my history.
I did not reply you because when I was posting offer that was my last visit that day on market.

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