Selling 50m SP Pilot

Character is positive isk, no kill rights, in Jita 4.4, has clones with one set of omega crystal in Jita, and looking for 35b starting bid and 50b buyout. Character Sheet
Also open to offers as well.

35 B offer. ISK Ready and online to transfer.

Send isk and info and ill get transfer started

Sent ISK and Account info in-game

will do 37b

37b is higher bid and takes slot if you send isk send info as well

Hello. I sent ISK and account info already. Let’s get started with the transfer as you stated.

according to CCP’s char bazaar rules, the sale is not final until the pilot has been transferred. in this case, the seller can still reject your offer, send you back your isk, and accept a higher offer. do you want me to link that specific rule here?

No problem. They should also send my ISK back first before starting to accept other offers.

@Scholar_Aria i offer 36 billions if @Xoiaz does not follow through with his offer. i have the isk and can send it to you right now!

Character sold to ripped jacks isk received and toon is on the way

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Thank you~ If you need any help in-game, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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