I have opened the ticket with CCP :wink:
Please allow for them to process the inquiry, it can take a little time.
I hope you enjoy your new pilot :smiley:

I didn’t receive alt. Did ccp send email to you

As written in my top post. I am paying for the transfer with isk/plex, which means, I had to make a ticket for CCP.
Sadly CCP does not have the fastest customer service in the world.
The ticket is up, all we have to do is wait :wink:

Still not receive Character, it has been 5 days

Scam I bet I was done recently still waiting for refund from CCP. Raise a ticket now for refund.


Please stop dribbling, any moron knows its literally impossible to scam with a pilot.

could you please pay with usd. I don’t think ccp want player to pay with plex, so they can make more money. They may reject your request. For both of us, please try to pay with usd. Thank you!

Its very normal to pay transfer with PLEX. Sadly, since they removed the option from the site, because new PLEX “broke” the system, you have to make a ticket.

I can offer you, your isk back if you would like to not wait any longer. It is understandable :slight_smile:

I still want it, I will wait for three more days. By the way, could you send one more email to GM? I would like to change some account information, I would like to transfer alt to a new account. Thank you! I will send new account info to you in game. Thanks

You’re just making the process longer by asking it to go to a different account, stick to the rules of the forums and don’t change things. I’m tired of seeing this post on these forums up top.

I can’t change the account it is going to. It would entain me having to do another ticket, which means another 5+ days of waiting for you. Please send mails to @Nebbers as this is my main, if you have any questions, so we do not bump this thread any further. We can work any quirks or kinks in mails from here on out.

Agreed. I consider this thread dead from this post.

I have waited for one week, I can’t wait longer. I would like to retreat my offer. Please send my Isk back to this alt in 24 hours. Thank you!

please cancel your ticket and stop transfer or I will open a ticket to ccp in next 24 hours

I wish you would stop bumping this thread.
ISK has been returned, despite clearly outlining in the OP that the transfer would be done via ISK/PLEX.
That CCP has no existing customer service is to me beyond words. An entire, week, and not a single response.


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