** SOLD** 190 Mill SP PVP Pilot **GODLIKE PVP SKILLS**

I am for sale.

Old Pilot. Doesn’t deserve to have his brains sucked out. Cool name. Highly skilled.
1 annual remap and 2 remaps available.

Nothing injected or extracted from him.

Can fly about all. Excellent weapon skills.

Clone has Hi grade slave set


Accepting Offers
200Bill Buyout

In no rush at all. Price is set.

No killrights
positive wallet
Located in hisec. JITA 4-4 in station
ALL CCP Rules will be adhered to. I pay transfer fee etc etc.

daily hello

daily hello

great pilot


Ty for your interest but I have to decline

140bil B/O stands for 24hrs

is this still for sale?

Yes, Still for sale

I will b/o at 200 bil. Question though. This account is like 24 hours old. Is that an issue?

Also does my account need to be omega?

I accept your BO offer for me.

To answer your questions about age of your pilot and if it needs to be omega or alpha I see no restrictions reading the stickied topic at the top of the character bazaar forum stating rules for pilots being sold or bought.

When you are ready transfer 200 billion isk to me only nakedandfearless and send me an evemail containing the account name you want nakedandfearless transferred to. I will post here confirming receipt of isk and when transfer has begun.

When you say account, that’s the name I use to log on right?

Yes your login name

Send your offers. Still looking for a new home

150bil if can be done tonight.

thank you for the offer but too low. Flysafe

It’s a good start though

I can stretch to 160 but can’t go much higher was kinda looking to purchase a toon with some precursor skills.

Thank you for your genuine offers. 160 is a fair bid but I wouldn’t let him go for less than 180 Billion.

Send your offers. Still looking for a new home