Thread reopened.

30 b bo, isk in hand!

40B Buy Out. ISK ready and willing to do this now!

Very good and fast :wink:
Transfer isk and give me the info where to transfer this pilot.

just about to log in and transfer ISK now, details to follow on where to send toon ^^

Good, i ll keep an eye on it.

ISK transferred , 40B buy out, just about to set up new account for transfer ^^

Okay, waiting for the info

no worries be a couple minutes just making a new toon

OK mate I’ve sent you the character transfer account in game in an evemail ^^

sorry i sent my new toons name instead of account name, ive resent the account name in game now, sorry just woke up!

Very good.
I ll be sharp on that :wink:
I will complete transfer within 10 minutes. Eve delay should be about 10 hour.

Enjoy the pilot!

awesome awesome, thanks for such a quick transaction and again, make sure you dont use my toons name for the transfer lol ^^
I jumped up straight out of sleep no coffee to grab this awesome pilot ^^

Haha, i wish i did too, but i was awake at 7 a few hours ago :frowning:

Its done on your second pm (b…s…2)
Anyhow, transfer succesfull, its in progress

excellent mate you’ve made my day! this toon was the perfect pilot for my extra needs atm. I couldn’t be happier!

Thats nice to hear in the morning. Thank you too, dont shoot me in space ^^


none of us are safe in space but I for sure would give you a pass for starting my day with a big happy smile :smiley: