22mil nice Hel pilot

buyout 28b

buy 28

send ISK and account info ?

not at home yet, sorry for the delay, will start transfer once at home after work

When will you be at home?

hours later, 7 at USTZ, or maybe I can get home for a while during the break. I ll try

it will not work now?
I would like to get a pilot as soon as possible.

sorry for the real life issue but hmmmm I just need some time

well I will follow this post

how are you ready to write

I can make a few minutes to finish the deal, just wait a second I will check the evemail

waiting for the isk and name and I can start transferring XD

whait one sec pls

I buy the first time. Information to throw mail?

eh I need to transfer this alt to one of your account so I need the name of your account, just the name in your launcher, then I need your isk so I can deliever the isk to my other alts and then I can start the transfer, I will pay the 20 bucks fee and you can just wait for the email. After receiving email, you will get the character in a couple of hours.

I just got the 28 billion, now I need the name of your account so I can start transferring

sent by mail

  • attached to the translation

start transfer, did you get the email?

sorry!!! I forgot to deliever the isk to my alt!