Selling this toon, 13+Mil SP
been serving well as my WH PI alt. Can fly minmatar Transport Ships, Astero, Stratios,
Good at Gas huffing

Has maxed Structure piloting skills

Also has some cheap ship skins coming with it

Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
No Jump Clones
Located in Jita

Starting bid 8bil
BO: 13bil

8b bid

b b b b ump

Someone bid 10bil gets it

1 bil

I meant 10bil that was a typo, you wanna bid 10bil and its yours

I would Love to but sadly i am Not able to afford it.

I can do 9.5b right now.

9.6b offer


Fist 10bil buyout will accept

bump 10bil bid gets it

I will give u 10b for this char, but can u w8 me to 18h EvE time to come home from work?


Ill offer 10b, isk is ready right now

Yes, been at work myself, let me know when you’re around so we can do the transfer

accepted please transfer the isk to this toon an i’ll start the transfer right away

I have 10b isk ready right now if you want…

OK , please transfer the isk and the acc name

OK , please transfer the isk and the acc name to this toon