73.8M sp subcap pvp pilot

High points in fleet command as well as pvp skills for minnie/caldari ships.
Starting bid at 55B

positive wallet balance
No kill rights
4 jump clones located in Torrinos. Shield Command Link V installed in 1 clone.
Currently located in jita

Hi I’m interested by your order =) I can give you 40b if you want for this character

Thanks for the offer, was looking to start the bid at 45B though.

OK for 45b dude

46Bil ISK ready

47 b =)


49 b isk or I can paid with plex too


51 b isk

54B B/O

60 b =)

going once for 60b

Ok traderPro, send isk and I will initiate transfer. Will wait 24 hours.

I tell you when isk is transfer. I give you isk o. Jethto_Man ?

Character name is Jethro Man, send isk here along with account name you want character transferred to and I will initiate transfer.

TraderPro, you have 6 hours. Let me know if you changed your mind.

Traderpro is MIA, Kazim are you interested? If so send Isk and account name and I will initiate transfer for 54.5B

Sorry, I ended up getting another character. Perhaps I’ll be able to get it later on today if still available

Jethro Man, how much and is the toon still available?

Send me a chat or a mail so I will know.