Selling 31m PvP toon

Hello there. I am planning on buying a new character and I don’t really plan on playing on this one anymore. Used to live in a WH and null-sec. Not been that active lately, so my character has been low for the past few months. Got about 2b in assets. Offer below, thanks.
Location:9IPC-E -0.1
Kill rights: no kill rights.
Wallet: 140 574 554
Jump Clone: None I believe.

P.S: If you want more info about the character, I can provide it asap - pm me or post below, cheers lads.


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23 bil

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24 bil

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Thanks for the offers. I am planning on selling it tonight about midnight eve time. Last offer by then can take it. Thank you!

Watch_UUU. Would you be available tonight to finalise the sale?

i can do it right now

for your night is how long from now?

Now is okay as well. Do I have to cover the transfer cost or its up to the buyer?

yeap as usually you pay it

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Oh, well. How about we do it later on tonight. I have to deposit money into my debit card. You can leave me your account details on private message and I will let you know once I am done with this.

wwait for an hour i will send message

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you can reply here with accept my bid .And I will transfer isk and account info right now

account info and isk has been set .wait for your transfer!

I will return the ISK to you and you will send it once I am done with the transfer. Been busy and couldn’t get to the bank. Don’t want you to keep hanging without the isk.

thankyou I hope you can return as quickly as possible ,i need isk LOL

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