Sold Pls Close

Sold Pls Close

Confirm im for sale

Bump to the Top

31B I will treat him properly

Will accept the Bid, sent you an mail let me know if u can do this.

im now ready for Transfer you can send the Isk and Account Info

if no response from buyer first offer of 31B will get the toon.

nice Toon. hope you get the Isk you want. i cant afford the Isk :frowning: for the Moment i can only Offer 20B if you accept let me know

No sorry 20B is a littl bit to low. maybe you can get some Isk for selling stuff or something like that.

Okay thank you for your response. maybe i will get more isk in a few days. otherwise gl to sell.

Bump to the Top again.

get your PVP Charr now for a littl amount of isk.

Still no response from love4ever, so Auction is still open for new buyer, dont be shy

31 bill

if u can send the ISk to Moruk we can start transfer right now.

I will only send isk and account info to eldo raven, do you accept my offer?

yea i accept but then i can start transfer after 5 hours cause im at work right now and can the ISK back from Eldo after work.
you are online in about 4 hours?

I have send the ISK and account info to Eldo Raven, you can transfer him when you get home. I can wait a few hours :smile:

i will start transfer in about 2 hours. thanks for your understanding.

Character Transfer startet right now via Money transfer.

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