CLOSED! Melted the Char Down

Contact this char/ my main

Offer 43 B/O

Send your name for Isk transfer

In game now? Convo Gary and we can get it going

You are a seller? Send with the creator char name for ISK transfer.

Confirming Buyout/ Send Isk to this char with account info in game

Still No Isk/ Bout to go to bed

Transfer ISK 7:00 PM. Eve Time, you will then see account name in the transfer.

No isk or account information/ going to bed/ char still for sale

OK if so. my new offer then offer 38B

39b offer

Sorry, bought another char

Bumpity Bump


Bump Oclock

40b b/o

Would you come up to 41? If so I can complete the transfer today in about 30 mins?

sorry 40 is about as high as im willing to go

I guess it is still better then bare extractors. I will accept the 40 if you want to send isk and account information, I will start the transfer today

sorry i might be out for 12 hours before i get on the PC, will send isk as soon as i get back