WTS Naglfar Char 39.5M

I am for Sale!

  1. Skills
    Pass: 7777

  2. In NPC Corp

  3. In Jita

  4. Wallet is Positive

  5. No kill rights

  6. No Jump Clones

B/O Hidden

24b Offer

Thank you for your offer but it is a little lowbal.

28b :slight_smile:

if you can come up by about 10 bil I will consider it

Bump :slight_smile:

32bil buyout

Thank you for your offer

Bump :slight_smile:

35b offer

Thank you for your offer I will decide soon

I have accepted your offer. Please send the isk and account info.

Isk and account info sent.

Thank you as soon as I get home from work ill initiate the transfer. Should be around 20:00 eu time.

Transfer of the character has not been initiated yet due to the european payment link not showing up. Made this account in NA area.

Ticket submited waiting for a response. I can transfer the isk back at any time.

I can wait for a few to at least see what you get for a response.

Do you have an update?

No response yet…

I can transfer back the isk untill I get an update if you like

Yeah that’ll work just send it back and let me know when you get an update.