Transfer Under Way - Awaiting for buyer to release a spot in his acc

☇ No killrights
☇ Isk Positive
☇ Npc Corp
☇ High Sec Stationed

:hotsprings: S k i l l b o a r d :hotsprings:

I know the character’s extraction value and how much a toon this focused can go, selling cause I had my fun and I 'm moving on

Starting Bid: 22b
Buy Out: 30b

The auction will end when I deem an offer good enough otherwise I will let it run.


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14b offer

21b fm me

b u m p !

B u M p !


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@UltraWong Send account name and isk !

I will not close here until the purchases have confirmed receipt.

isk has been sent and account has been told in game message.
waiting for trans

If that Sale was canceled, could the buyer please confirm that he has got the Isk back?

Not yet, no reply for now

If you won´t get your isk in the next 24h, please open a Support Ticket then.

Logging in now. I replied to your message instantly and didnt receive a reply for 10 hrs.
If everything is in good order I will proceed with the character trasnfer.

ps. @ISD_Traindriver we are not at home 24/7 watching at a screen, we have lives outside the game.

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@UltraWong proceeding with character transfer, isk rcvd and account name.

When a free spot is available in your account send me a msg ingame to initiate the character trasnfer… Will post screenshot shortly after…

Transfer underway. Enjoy.

character receive
many thanks

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